I would like to introduce you to the Official Website of L-GHASRI Local Council.

L-Ghasri is a peaceful village situated on the western part of Gozo.

   Although, it is one of the smallest villages to be found on the Maltese Islands, the number of new people opting to settle down here is constantly on the increase. I welcome these new settlers and invite them to support us in looking after our village, which is so close to our heart. 


   This website is also dedicated to those of you, who for some reason or another, had to leave L-Ghasri, their place of birth, and find pastures anew. Today, you and your children are only a click away from browsing through these pages and looking through a window onto your, or your parents' place of birth and upbringing.


   This website, I believe, could prove useful in bringing back those nostalgic memories. Lastly, but not least, this website is dedicated to the villagers of L-Ghasri. With your continued help and support, the Local Council aims to enhance and contribute to the betterment of life here in L-Ghasri, sustaining and promoting the traditions of our village, keeping the spirit of L-Ghasri alive.

   Whilst thanking you for the support you have always shown us, the council gladly welcomes any comments and suggestions. These may be conveyed to us through letters or email. We promise to take heed of each and every comment.

Dr. Daniel Attard





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